Your Primary Concierge Physician will have more time with you to:

Get to know you as an individual with plenty of time for unique lifestyle and health profile assessments and individualized treatment plans.
Collaborate, comfort, review treatment regimens and work towards health goals specific for each individual.
Advocate with specialists and other care providers on your behalf.
Be available when you need us with appointments that start on time, when you want, how you want, tailored just for your particular needs.

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Family Medicine Concierge Services in Naples


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As of Early 2017, prior to going concierge, Dr. Levens' family practice had  4700 patients with over 2800 patients seen in 2016 alone.

Allocating the proper time to each patient was becoming difficult. Happy at his residence in Naples, and having grown fond of his current set of patient's, Dr. Levens created a survey system with his patients. Returns from over 600 patient forms resulted in a plan to move into a concierge model which turned out to be a much better way of operating for everyone involved.

Due to the high Medicare patient base of Dr. Levens, he has lowered the cost to the lowest in all of Naples for his annual fees.

Primary Physician Concierge Practice with a choice of memberships to fit your needs . 

Naples Family Concierge 

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In our family medicine concierge services in Naples, the number of daily patients is much lower. We do not use your health insurance for visits. After your membership fee, you can be seen upon request free of any billing practices. The imaging facilities as well as laboratory and specialists will use your insurance. However, with an unburdened staff, we at Naples Family Concierge will work diligently to keep all costs down.


Gerald Levens MD

Gerald Levens concierge family medicine

Our Family Medicine Concierge Services in Naples is a membership-based program designed to foster greater connectivity with your family practice physician and conveniences that simply aren’t always possible in today’s traditional-style practices. Patients receive a heightened practice medical experience and a more personal relationship with their primary physician at a very low cost.

Family Medicine Concierge Services in Naples​​.

Our Primary Family Practice Physician is Dr. Gerald Levens and is board certified.

Our Nurse Practitioner is Melissa Levens ARNP board certified.

What is Concierge Medicine

  • Primary Care Concierge Service highly personalized assessment, treatment, and management.
  • Preventative Medicine with diet and fitness counseling. 
  • Wellness/Physical Exams which include quality of life measures with a body, mind, and soul approach.
  • Well Woman Examinations by both Dr. Levens and if preferred, Melissa Levens ARNP. (Quinnipiac University /Columbia University).
  • Psychiatry; Dr Levens has a strong foundation in pediatric psychiatry and family counseling. 
  • Endocrinology, Neurology, Rheumatology, Dermatology, Sports injuries/Muscular skeletal disease; all a part of a family practice primary care physician's scope.
  • Phone related discussion and evaluation if necessary, you can call and be treated anywhere.
  • Pre-operative clearance.
  • Supervise in-hospital stays if preferred
  • Follow up visits to fully review results of testing to further promote understanding of you health patterns.